In India  every year road accidents cost 3-5% of gross domestic product  which can only be avoid if ours roads and city planning are improve, train its drivers through driving school and enforce traffic laws properly. India’s young, productive population, aged 18-45 years, is involved in 70% of road accidents according to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. India has 1% of the world’s vehicles but accounts for 6% of the world’s road traffic accidents, according to data from a 2018 World Health Organization report. Road accidents are one of the 12 most common causes of deaths in India. 26% of all road accidents, drivers who were in an accident did not have a valid license or were driving with a learner’s license. If drivers were ask about the three-second rule (which ensures driving at a safe speed, and the distance between two vehicles) or whether they are aware of a blindspot in their vehicle while driving, 99% will not know because they have not received any sort of formal training in any driving school. Drivers need hard skills training on driving and government registered RI Motor Car Driving Training School is one of the leading schools in Guwahati taking this noble profession to teach driving.

Few are some important points to be considered while driving:


Driving is a complex task, and at the same time sharing the road with others while driving is equally important for safe driving. This is only possible in case of skilled drivers or drivers which are trained in a driving school.  For drivers, sharing the road begins with the understanding that Bicyclists, Pedestrians and Motorcyclists have the same rights. Ride defensively, assuming others cannot see you, and don’t let yourself be distracted by music, an electronic device, or anything else that takes your focus off the road. It is necessary to obey to the traffic rules and keep a safe distance between own car and other vehicles. A driver should be very carefully and allow children, physically disabled people, aged people and animals to cross the road. Driver should be very carefully near hospitals, schools and construction zones. Safe driving habits can reduce fuel consumption, decrease emissions, and reduce travel time too.


A driver must not drive a vehicle on a highway at a speed that is greater than the limit of traffic rules.  A driver must control the speed of a vehicle to avoid a collision with people, vehicles, animals or other obstacles on the highway. Over speeding is one of the main causes of road accidents in India.  Many drivers cross the speed limit and do not keep the minimum distance needed for applying the brakes immediately during emergency. Over speeding and reaching the destination a few minutes early is never more important than putting owns life at risk.  A moderate or slow speed should be maintained to avoid accident for a new learner. While high speed gives an adrenaline rush and unable to handle a car at high speeds on road. But the safest speed is not always the slowest speed because the surrounding traffic and other drivers might get frustrated and try to pass you. Maintaining a steady speed, within legal limits, at a safe following distance will help give you the time required to handle an emergency situation.


Mobile phone distractions are already a significant cause of road accidents. A well trained driver never takes a phone call while driving, the proper rule is to park the car at an appropriate spot and then speak. Multitasking while driving like talking on the mobile phone, texting or listening to music on earphones can cause road accidents as the concentration of the driver is not 100% on the road. To keep children from distracting the driver, provide them with safe items they may need for the road trip. Teach children the importance of good behavior while in a vehicle. By stopping, the car to give a break to the driver from the traffic and enjoy refreshments is a good practice. Children or adults may choke on food while in the vehicle, causing a severe distraction.


From a driving school should continue driving and get well acquainted with the vehicle. The traffic rules and regulations that are taught in theory classes of driving should be properly followed. Being unaware of rules and regulations on the road or knowingly ignoring them is another major cause of road accidents in India. Being unaware of the road signs is another reason and driving ahead despite seeing a red light are some of the other reasons for road accidents in India. Many accidents occur at the nighttime when the riders forget to switch on their lights sufficiently while driving. Traffic signs have to be followed in order for the accidents to be avoided.


The vehicles we drive are part of the problem. Make sure to adjust your seat, mirrors and steering wheel in the right position before setting off on your drive. You may see people making such adjustments while driving, but as beginners, it is best to make these adjustments beforehand to ensure that you have a comfortable and safe drive. Before you set off for a drive, it is ideal to find the right seating position when you get behind the wheel. All car drivers must wear their seat belts all the time while driving. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, you should follow the habit of wearing the seat belt right while driving a car. Finding the right driving position isn’t just important from the point of view of comfort but also from the perspective of safety. Being seated correctly behind the wheel ensures that you have better visibility, your limbs can react faster to dangerous situations; and in most cases, also prevents back pain. Drivers should be acquainted with car's basic layout before you take it out on the road. While no one learns it in a day, so at least drivers should have the theoretical knowledge. For example, knowing the basics; how to use the buttons on the steering wheel and dashboard, how to place the jack, fuel tank capacity - these are some things that every driver should know.



Another major reason for road accidents in the country is drunk driving. Drunk driving is a serious offence and as per rules laid down by the court, any driver found with more than 30 mg of alcohol in 100 ml of blood is under the influence of alcohol and is a culprit of drunk driving. If caught in the act of drunk driving, the person in question can be imprisoned up to a period of 2 years or/and a fine up to Rs.3000.