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Training Path

    RI has designed the theoretical lecture a method of teaching that is enjoyable and easy to understand. Our teaching techniques has taken take into consideration students’ pace and experience. We spend as much time as needed in theoretical lectures to assemble our students’ knowledge,confidence and numerous other important info about vehicle and roads for obtaining a driver's license.Through these lectures, the trainee also learns traffic regulations and road rules in INDIA. Especially if the emphasis is on traffic safety rules and the right decision-making skills in various circumstances that the driver is exposed to on the road on a daily basis.

    We teach our students not only how to pass a road test but also how to become safe and competent drivers for life.Everyone who steps through the door of RI driving school feels at home right away.The initial segment of this qualification comprises the theoretical lectures. This essential and basic piece of training consists of 8 theoretical lectures, each of which lasts an hour.

Theoretical Lectures

This essential part of training consists of 8 theoretical lectures, each of which goes on for 60 minutes, covering the following topics:

  1. Lecture 1: Attitude and Responsibilities
  2. Lecture 2: Traffic signs
  3. Lecture 3: Managing Risks
  4. Lecture 4: Driver Condition
  5. Lecture 5: Driving Environment
  6. Lecture 6: Rules of the Road
  7. Lecture 7: Anticipating Hazard and Emergencies
  8. Lecture 8: Your Vehicle

Upon the completion of the eight lectures, the basic information acquired by the trainee is tested through the theoretical test. Passing this test is a prerequisite for starting the next phase of training.

Simulator Training

   Our voice controlled simulator offers beginner drivers “live through” real life consequences of driving distracted or impaired, teaches critical driving skills and the rules of the road without putting students in harms way.

    Simulation lessons are considered the latest technology used in driving instruction. Following their extensive use in aircraft instruction, research and scientific studies found that their use in teaching driving also reduces accidents of trainees and helps them overcome the initial fear of driving a car for the first time. Simulation lessons are conducted using a device that simulates real car driving and consists of all the parts that make up a car interior such as the car seat, steering wheel, dashboard, power switch, and safety belt.

    Simulators can also create unique or dangerous situations in a manner that you could not or would not create behind-the-wheel of a real automobile.

    Simulation allows you to practice what to do if a hazardous situation should introduce itself, giving you the most ideal possibility of enduring or keeping away from an accident.

    They consist of two hours of training on an enormous number of different scenarios that help the trainee acquire the essential skills in driving.

Practical Training

   Knowing and understanding traffic signs is essential to safe driving. Traffic signs give significant information about the law, caution drivers about dangerous conditions and assist you with finding your direction. Practical training is given under all safety measures.

   The initial periods of driving guidance, hands-on training has been the premise of any session given in instructing driving. Since vehicle driving is a practical ability, practical training is an indispensable aspect of anybody's involvement in learning how to drive. Having confidence in the hands-on training, the RI DRIVING SCHOOL requires at least 8 hours of actual training on a vehicle directed by profoundly trained and proficient driving experts.

Road Training

   Our driver training instructors and staff are what makes our school so effective successful. Proceed with your profession at RI Driving school as we work to grow our locale and impact the society for development.We provide job on board in abroad through our international business experts .