Frequently asked questions

The person should be above 18 years of age in case of LMV and above 16 years of age in case of motorcycles without gears (MCWOG). The concern person should posses a valid learner's license when willing to start learning how to drive.

Yes, RI Driving School is a Government registered School..

Classes can be continued with a maximum gap of 10 days, besides that readmission is necessary.

Continuing of classes is always advised and if discontinued reporting the issue will be appreciated and the admission amount is not refundable.

If the damaged is made by the learner while disobeying the trainer, he/she should pay the bill and if the damage is made while obeying the trainer, the bill is exempted from the learner.

Scooty/Bike training is for a period of 7-10 days which is sufficient to acquire confident.

Car training is for a period of 7-16* days which is sufficient to acquire 100% confident.

Yes, time slot can be chosen according to preference only if mentioned during the time of registration..

Yes, the refresher and advanced course covers further enhancement in driving skills.

Yes friends/family members can accompany during practical training but cannot talk in between with the student, as it distracts the learner..

Yes, you definitely will be able to drive confidently by the end of the course, as the course has been designed in such a way that confidence as well as learning to drive is its priority.