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Mistakes that most people make while driving | Driving School near you

We must admit that each and every one of us is guilty of making errors while driving. The lessons learned at a driving school are executed based on sincerity, and that is something that differs from person to person. We hope that this article reiterates the important protocols that you need to follow by avoiding some common mistakes. These include:

Lane cutting

You may be a vigilant driver but when one cuts another car or bike while changing a lane, it becomes very dangerous for everyone on the road. It is a known fact that the more predictable a drivers’ behavior, the fewer the number of accidents. In a scenario where you need to genuinely change lanes, wait patiently for an opening, give the correct signal, and then procee

Missing the blind spot

Many expert drivers miss using this out of laziness. Looking over your shoulders is essential to avoid blind spots before you change your lane. As a matter of fact, you need to follow caution and check it manually. A sensible way of reducing the risk due to blind spots is to adjust a car’s side view mirrors for the most expansive rear view of the road behind.

Not using seat belts

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, seat belts reduce the risk of death by 45% and that of injury by 50%. It is against traffic laws to not wear seat belts in many countries, and with good reason. In fact, drivers themselves should develop the responsible habit of wearing seatbelts and urging other passengers to wear them too.

Ineffective usage of turn signals

In general, the usage of turn signals is very less. Using them too late or too early is as catastrophic as not using them at all, as they confuse the drivers behind you. Using turn signals at the appropriate moment is an important practice in safe driving

Neglecting servicing and maintenance due dates

You may procrastinate when it comes to getting a car serviced by assuming that the vehicle is in perfect condition and nothing could go wrong. It is critical to adhere to the servicing schedules recommended in your owner’s manual and get your vehicle serviced by an authorised dealership or service center.

Tyre pressure

Not checking tyre pressure from time to time can not only increase the risk of tyre punctures but also tyre bursts. Drivers also forget that not checking tyre pressure leads to high fuel consumption.

Inability to understand traffic signs

Most of the time, we take theory lessons at driving schools for granted and assume that certain things are not worth our time. At times, drivers are even unaware of stop signs or school or hospital signs. Due to that, they choose to be oblivious to them. Responsible drivers should be well aware of these signs to follow them and respect others who share the road with them

Drinking and driving

‘Drinking and Driving’ is one of the most common causes of accidents and fatalities on the road. Drunk drivers not only put themselves at jeopardy but also put countless lives in danger

Usage of phones

One of the most irresponsible mistakes to make while driving is the usage of phones. Texting on the phone can prove to be as fatal as driving under the influence of alcohol. Moreover, the usage of phone while driving is regulated in many countries. So, give priority to yourself and your fellow drivers on the road, and avoid using a phone when you are behind a steering wheel.

Not being sensitive enough towards pedestrians and emergency vehicles

Most drivers are in a hurry to reach their destinations, and in doing so affect pedestrians and emergency vehicles. The truth is that it is only one’s attitude that makes one believe so. We undermine the difference one driver can make to help the situation. One should be more respectful and considerate towards pedestrians and similarly towards emergency vehicles.

Collating all mistakes and reading them, again and again, will give you a clear direction. Taking our driving licence for granted is among the biggest mistakes that we tend to make. It is imperative to upgrade our driving skills, have in-depth knowledge of traffic signs, and know more about how our automobiles work – these are important steps to take towards becoming a better driver.

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