A good driver should have a sound theoretical knowledge about the Car driving or two wheeler driving, the concern person will drive. Benefits of theory classes can save the expenses as well as ease the losses due to faulty driving ways on road.  Trainers of motor car driving training school provide proper knowledge by its theory classes about all the safety protocol printed on the rule book of Motor vehicles Regulations.  A well trained and educated driver can save up to 12% fuel associated expenditures and 60% safety mistakes.

RI Motor Car Driving Training School in its theory class educated its students how to handle emergencies, about the use of first aid box, avoid being panic and respond properly for emerging on roads such as road rage things, honoring the privileges of others on the lane and aware of the symbols lighting up on the instrument cluster.

Following are few aspects that RI Motor Car Driving Training School which is No 1 Driving Training School educates its students during theory lessons:


Education starts with theory lessons and RI Motor Car Driving Training School make sure to provide lessons on driving through the experts appointed for this job. The experts interact effectively with the trainee and pay attention to each and every student by clearing doubts patently. A confident driver need to be backed with theoretical knowledge with the practical lessons learnt from the driving-coach. The Experts of Motor Car Driving Training School focus on teaching the learners develop the skills necessary to drive safely and confidently. It is also a two wheeler Driving Training School located in Hatigaon which works on applying of license for its students.  This 100% guaranteed Motor car Driving Training school helps to Learner License apply.


The designed curriculum of RI Motor Car Driving Training School in Guwahati covers a wide range of topics such as the inner mechanisms of a vehicle that includes technical details of how a car functions. The most essential aspects of theory input are recognizing the traffic rules and all the important signs, symbols, indications, map-legends/keys and several other nuances which are not always possible to teach during the practical lessons on the road.

Theory lessons in RI Motor Car Driving Training School also concentrate on numerous legal aspects the trainee has to keep in mind during driving a vehicle. Trainee are made aware of the process of registration of a vehicle, obtaining a driver's license, parking rules, traffic rules, towing rules, suspension of driver's license, drunken driving, rash and negligent driving and most importantly the penalties for traffic offences. RI Motor Car Driving Training School also provides information on different types of insurance covers available, their pro and cons, and the process to be followed for claim processing.


The car, in its structure, seems very complicated therefore beginners need theoretical class prior to practical class to simply and affordably know the principle of operation and the structure of the car. The car is made up of car bodyengine and chassis. The structure of the car engine for beginners can be divided into two mechanisms (crank mechanism, gas distribution mechanism) and 5 systems (starting system, power system, ignition system, cooling system, lubrication system). Theory lessons acquaint the learner to drive confidently in most interesting and helpful manner. This government approved driving school located in Guwahati helps build confidence through awareness of traffic rules and safe driving skills. An expert driver can reduce gearbox repairs by up to 40% and learners could apply the theory to their driving sessions on the road.


The rights and responsibilities of a driver are taught in detail through theory lessons. These rights and responsibilities are codified in the form of important laws such as the Rules of Road Regulations and Motor Vehicles Act, violation of which is punishments. The Courses which RI Motor Car Driving Training School has designed is of utmost important and ensure that the driver not only has excellent driving skills but also sound knowledge of theory.

Drive safely and legally:

  • Holding a current and valid driver license.

  • Abiding by all road rules.

  • Abstaining from driving if impaired by tiredness or medication.

  • Driving only when a person is physically fit to drive.

  • Familiarize one with how to operate the vehicle and safety features.

Report any issues:

  • Vehicle faults, such as a broken light, cracked windscreen.

  • Lodge insurance claims as soon as possible after an incident to enable vehicles to be repaired in a timely manner.


RI Motor Car Driving Training School emphasizes the significance of safe driving by teaching the theory lessons. Theory input shows the details of the safety features of a car and how to use those features. Driving Training School share the road with every other driver, therefore, it is compulsory to learn the rules of safe driving. A good driver is always tested on the touchstone of traffic rules when diligently follows traffic rules to ensure safety.

Driving training School always make awareness among its trainee to follow few important safety rules:

·      Always remember to wear the seat belt.

B·      Smoking is not allowed while driving a vehicle.

C·      Respect the right of way of everyone.

D·      Do not exceed the speed limit.

E·      Do not drive if the drivers are stressed or unwell.

F·      Pay attention to the road.

G·      Slow down on wet roads and in bad weather.

H·      Know the blind spots.