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RI Driving School Owner / Founder

RI Driving School Owner Founder Namely ROFIQUL ISLAM 

Life is full of enormous opportunities. Instinct to find a path from such opportunities is feature of a successful man. I always encourage people to take a positive attitude toward struggles and obstacles in a person s life, as it s the pillars of victory in life war. Being an engineer, I am always floated on technology and very difficult to stay connected with the outer world. After exhausting my energy in work, I try to relax few minutes on television to be updates with the world. The same news circulates every day that is the news of corruption, social evils, farmer suicide, car & bike accidents and a lot more issues which grab the headlines. Every day I remorse for those people facing the anxieties and resume my professional day, but how long! How long could I control my nerves to encounter those hardships that I had to face straightway after I switch on the television! It was 1st of Jan, 2012 which I saved in my brain and heart for lifetime. On regular basis I switched on the television, my heart shivered of pain when I watched series of accident news. I was out of my mind as the woes of the people made me restlessness. That day I made my mind to take effort for our society, in lowering as well as reducing the road mishaps and deadly consequences. Thus originated RI Driving School in the year 2013 under my ownership. I owed to the almighty and my parents for blessing to own this very platform. In many instances, high dignitaries from state government has encouraged and appreciated my work through various ways. Since then, with all the graces of God, I am successfully executing the motto of our driving school, be confident while driving.