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How to Ride a Scooty: A Beginners Guide

Riding a scooty is just like riding a bicycle with an engine. There are no gears involved; all you need to do is twist the accelerator, and you are good to go.

For those who already know how to ride a bicycle, riding a scooty is like a child’s play.

Nevertheless, if you have no idea about how to ride a scooty, we have got you covered!

Keep reading to know more.

How to Ride a Scooty?

Individuals can refer to the following steps to learn how to ride a scooty.

·         Step 1 – Get on your scooty. Both of your legs will touch the ground if you are tall. If not, lean on one of your feet to maintain the balance.

·         Step 2 – Remove the kick-stand using your left foot.

·         Step 3 – Now, insert the key in and rotate to switch your scooty on.

·         Step 4 – Hold the brake lever with your left hand and press the "start" button to ignite and start the engine.

·         Step 5 â€“ Once the engine starts, release the brake levers and slightly turn the accelerator. This will build up torque, and the scooty will start moving.

·         Step 6 – When it starts moving, pick up your feet from the ground and place them on the scooty’s foot platform.

·         Step 7 – To turn the scooty, lean on either side, and the handle will turn almost on its own. However, when the scooty is going slow, turn the handles using your hands.

·         Step 8 – Holding both brakes while braking is considered the safest and fastest way to stop the vehicle. Hence, it is always advised to keep a few fingers on both the brake levers all the time.

Now that you know how to ride a scooty, hit the road!

What Are the Equipment and Gears to Wear While Riding a Scooty as a Beginner?

A scooty has minimal safety features compared to trucks and cars. Unlike a two-wheeler, cars and trucks have airbags, hand brakes and other safety features. Thus, while riding a scooty, one should always wear proper riding gears and equipment. The riding gears include a safety helmet, special boots, pants, jackets and hand gloves.

What Are the Safety Measures to Know While Riding a Scooty as a Beginner?

Knowing how to drive a scooty is useless until and unless you know the safety measures while riding a scooty. These are some of the points scooty owners should keep in mind – 

·         Maintenance of the vehicle – If your vehicle is not in perfect riding condition, it increases the chances of road accidents. Timely servicing and maintenance of the scooty are essential to avoid such discrepancies. Everything must be in proper condition, from tyre pressure to the state of the brakes, to ensure a smooth and safe ride.

·         Avoid distractions – Picking up a call while riding a vehicle can turn out to be fatal. Ensure there are no distractions once you are on the road. Furthermore, ride with a single pillion to avoid distractions.

·         Always wear a helmet – Make sure you put on a helmet before starting the vehicle. Helmets reduce the intensity of injury in case there is an accident. Moreover, in India, it is mandatory for the rider and pillion to wear a helmet.

·         Do not drink and ride – Never ride a vehicle if you've consumed alcohol. Studies prove that drunk riders are the reason for 30% of fatalities in road accidents.

·         Never over-speed – Over-speeding causes a lot of road accidents. People over-speed for show-off, meeting deadlines or just for fun. Ability to judge the traffic gets reduced when you over-speed. Thus, always maintain the speed limit and follow traffic rules once you are on wheels.

Riding a scooty can be thrilling and fun. Now that you know how to ride a scooty, make sure to follow all the safety measures. Having said that, put on your riding gears, get on the road and feel the wind blowing on your face.