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Tenant Verification Form

How to apply for Employee Verification with Assam Police Employee Verification online.. Steps to submit Employee Registration application form online with Assam Police, Documents required and Procedure.

You can apply online for Employee verification in Assam Police Employee Verification online.. The application can be filed online to register Employee information and Employer information. You can also download Employee Verification from in PDF format and submit with the nearest Police Station for Verification of Servant. Every employer should register for employee verification online or download servant Verification form and Complete formalities before employing them in their house. It will help the employer to avoid future complications.

Steps for Servant Verification by Assam Police

Step 1:Assam Police Employee Verification online.  assampolice.assam.gov.in

The following Menu will open

Police Home Page Servant Verification

Step 2: Click on Information Services

Step 3: Click on Employee Verification

Step 4: If you are a new user click on click to Register option

The Following page will open

Assam Police Servant Registration

Assam Police Servant Verification application

Assam Police Servant Verification Application submission

Step 4: Fill Information asked in the form

 Personal Details

First Name: Write your first name

Last Name : Write your last name

Gender : Select Gender from the list

Email ID: Fill your email ID

Date of Birth: Enter your date of birth

Mobile No: Write Your Mobile No

Identification type: Select type of your ID proof from the list

ID No: Type the ID Proof No



Fill your address

Select Country, State and District from the List


Login Details

Security Question : Select 2 security questions from the list

Security Answer: Type Security Answer

Login ID: Type a new login ID

Password: Type a new password

Confirm Password: Retype password

Step 5: Fill Security Code

Step 6: Click on Submit Button

Now your registration with Assam Police Department is over

Step 7: Again go to Employee Verification Menu

Step 8: Click on Click here to Login option

The following page with login menu will open

Assam Police Citizen Login

Step 9: Type User Name, Password

Step 10: Chose Language

Step 11: Type security code shown on the screen

Step 12: Click on Login

Now you will be logged on to the Employee Verification page of Assam Police Website. You can fill the form, attach documents and submit to the website for registration and verification of your Employee.

Note: Photograph and Identification proof of Employee need to be uploaded. Please check the website of Assam Police for more information.

Disclaimer: Information given here is to help and guide those who want to use online facility of Website. We are not responsible for any mistake or error. This is a website to provide free information and we do not charge any amount from any user. Trade marks and copy rights are of respective websites.

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